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Fisherman's Hut for 4+2 persons

Fisherman's hut I and II are well-equipped two-bedroom holiday cottages in Lake Saimaa near Partakoski, Savitaipale in South-Western Finland. The cottages are located on Lapinsalo island. In the summer, they can be accessed by boat (a journey of 1 km) and in the winter, conditions permitting, they can be accessed by an ice road.

As their name suggests, the cottages are superb for fishing – even the most demanding fisherman will be impressed – but they are also great for anybody who enjoys the exotic atmosphere of a holiday on an island. In the middle of the island is a wild pond, which is a fun destination for explorers large and small. You can go and pick berries and mushrooms in the areas surrounding the cottages. A well-equipped grill hut is located near the cottage, enabling visitors to enjoy the beauty of nature while cooking, even as the autumn nights draw in.

The fisherman's huts are identical with the exception of the colours of the interiors. The cottages are 60 m apart. However, they are located in such a way that each cottage has its own peaceful setting. Together, the pair of huts makes an excellent option for larger parties (maximum 12 people). Both huts have a rocky beach, so visitors should have some experience using an outboard motor. Pets are welcome in the fisherman's huts.


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