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A genuine smoke sauna

A genuine smoke sauna

Experience a traditional Finnish sauna with a guide.
The healing effects of smoke saunas have been used in Finnish culture for centuries. There is plenty of research data pointing to the positive effects of the sauna on well-being.

The sauna is heated from the early morning onwards. The heat is even, relaxing and smooth. In the summer, a swim in the lake – and in the winter, a dip in an ice hole in the lake – provide refreshment between sauna sessions. The traditional kota hut has an open fire for grilling and we prepare a small supper depending on the season.
The sauna is accompanied by the traditional Finnish drink: beer.

PRICE                                             590 €

THE PRICE INCLUDES               smoke sauna 2 hours, supper, a drink, guide services, towels and bathrobes, sauna slippers and hat. A sauna diploma as a souvenir.

DURATION                                    4–5 hours        

GROUP SIZE                                  up to 6 people

SUITABLE FOR                             small groups, families, friends, individuals

LANGUAGES                                English

AVAILABILITY                             1 September – 15 June        

LOCATION                                    Ristiina, Lake Kaitajärvi, Finland. The nearest train/bus station is in Mikkeli (25 km away).


Mäntyharjuntie 61, 52300 Ristiina

+358 50 527 8814