Holiday cottages

Enjoy a lakeside holiday cottage with your very own boat and sauna!

Mikkeli region is one of the most popular cottage holiday destinations in Finland, and offers the ideal solution for everyone, whether you are looking for a traditional hideaway by a quiet lake or a luxury villa to entertain quests and relax. Arguably the most attractive feature about Mikkeli region is its diversity in terms of both scenery and activities. Spending your holiday beside a lake lets you enjoy the peace and quiet of nature, but activities such as amusement parks, safaris, boat trips, swimming, fishing, museums, shoppint etc. are easy to attach to ones holiday. All rental cottages come with their own sauna, and most of them also have their own pier and a rowing boat - some offer even kayaks for the same price!

How to spend a Finnish cottage holiday?
Finnish cottages have traditionally been summer cottages, but all-season cottages are becoming increasingly popular. On average, Finnish people use their cottage somewhat 80 days a year.

Cottage life is a mean of relaxations for their Finnish owners - a place where one can lose the sense of time and forget the hustle and bustle. A great way to start the day at your holiday cottage is with a morning swim followed by a coffee on the terrace. The rest of the day may be spent by swimming, rowing, fishing and visiting the nearby museums and other destinations. Sauna is traditionally an evening activity, and most saunas in Finnish homes are heated somewhere between 6pm and 9pm. As Finnish people are addicted to sauna, rituals such as dipping in the lake, and refreshments during the sauna trip are appreciated. Afterwards, one might create a campfire or heat a grill for making couple of sausages to enjoy with a cold drink. Enjoy with family or invite your friends!